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Save money on the aesthetic services offered at our medspa.

Limited Time Specials:

Cinco de Moveo

In honor of Cinco de Mayo we are offering FIVE MoveoGlo facials for the price of three. Purchase a MoveoGLo package and we will add two additional treatments to your account. Use them now or save them for later. Stock up on MoveoGlo: our painless, no-downtime laser facial and stay Glo-ing all year round.

MoveoGlo removes brow spots and redness while gently stimulating collagen. We love this facial for patients with rosacea and or melasma. It’s also great for patients who need results without downtime.

Package of three FIVE MoveoGlo Laser Facials = $855

Want more? Add a CoolPeel! MoveoGlo stacks perfectly with CoolPeel to give you clear, smooth skin and minimize the appearance of pores.

Package of three FIVE MoveoGlo + CoolPeel Laser Facials = $2399

May 5th through the 18th only. Sorry, no gifting of individual procedures. Cannot be combined other specials. Package must be paid in full. Financing options available. Aftercare for CoolPeel separate.

Mother’s Day Specials

Buy $100, Get $20 on Gift Card Purchases

Available through May 12th. Limit $1000.

NOON x Skinwave Gift

Treat Mom to a relaxing facial and upgrade her skincare regimen. We’ve pulled out our secret stash of NOON Limitless and Timeless kits for Mother’s Day!

Skinwave w/Dermaplaning + Limitless: $249 (Save $149)
Limitless Kit: Inlcudes full-size Igloo Moist and Lacto-10 and deluxe travel size Vitamin C Serum 11S and Micro-Soft Cleanser

Skinwave w/Dermaplaning + Timeless: $349 (Save $153)
Timeless Kit: Includes full-size Retinol Charisma and Optimal Moisturizing Guardian and deluxe travel size Halo-Ronic Serum and Lacto-10

Limited quantity available. This specials ends when we run out of kits!

A Date with Mom

Gift your mom a spa day with her favorite child, YOU! Book any laser, facial or body service TOGETHER and you will both save 20%. Book any injectable service and save 10%.

Both parties must receive a service for the discount to apply. Services must be booked for the same day. Cannot be combined with other seasonal specials. ASPIRE Rewards will still apply.

***We understand that Mother’s Day hits differently for everyone. For some it’s a celebration, for some it’s a time for grieving and for some it’s a reminder of something missing. Our Mother’s Day specials are not restricted to bio-moms. Feel free to bring any motherly figure, sibling or friend. Everyone is welcome!


Just when you thought PHYSIQ couldn’t get any better…iAesthetic brought one of the first five PHYSIQ THREE-SIXTY Body Contouring Lasers to Erie! Be one of the first in the country to experience the latest in body technology with special pre-launch pricing. For a very limited time purchase 5 sessions of PHYSIQ at BOGO pricing.

PHYSIQ: $999

PHYSIQ is best-in-class noninvasive body contouring that combines targeted fat reduction with intensive muscle stimulation. Melt your trouble spots away and push your muscles to the next level in less than an hour.

PHYSIQ can be applied to any area: arms, inner thigh, buttocks, belly and love handles. Treatments take less than an hour and are painless. There is no downtime. PHYSIQ can be combines with any exercise or weight loss program or used on its own.

Event Season Facials

Prom, weddings, graduation, reunions, vacation…it’s event season! Get glam in a hurry with our no-downtime facial options:

Skinwave w/Dermaplaning: $199
Carbon Laser Facial: $249

These facials will have you looking your best in under an hour. These are best done within a day or two of your event (and even the day of!) so make sure you plan ahead. Glowing skin is the ultimate flex!

Wellness & Weight Loss at iAesthetic

Our medical weight loss program is already changing lives! Learn more about the injectable weight loss medications Semaglutide and Tirzepitide and our comprehensive medical weight loss program by booking a consult for only $199. Order your meds as early as the same day. Book now to see if GLP-1’s are right for you!

Compliment your weight loss success with PHYSIQ to maintain muscle and metabolism, biostimulators like Sculptra and Radiesse to preserve facial volume and VirtueRF to keep your belly skin tight. We have everything you need to help transform your body.

We work hard to keep our prices as low as possible while delivering the highest quality compounded medications. We have pricing options for every budget.

Already on GLP-1 medications but want to work with the team at iAesthetic? Get $75 off your first 3 medication orders when you join our wellness program. We can’t wait to work with you!

Consult fees are non-refundable. There is no obligation to purchase medications if you decide that medical assisted weight loss is not for you.

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