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Skin Rejuvenation

Skin rejuvenation treatments are designed to address signs of aging that affect your skin's tone, texture, and clarity.

What Is Skin Rejuvenation?

Skin rejuvenation includes a variety of treatments designed to restore health and youthful vitality to your skin. In addition to aging, sun exposure, inappropriate diet, lack of exercise, and other lifestyle choices can affect your skin’s tone, texture, and clarity. Other issues many people struggle with include pigment changes or age spots, skin irregularities due to acne or rosacea, and loss of skin firmness and elasticity. Skin rejuvenation treatments are designed to address all these problems.

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What Treatments Are Good for Skin Rejuvenation?

At iAesthetic, we offer quite a few treatments to rejuvenate your skin and help you look younger. They include:

  • VirtueRF - Our minimally invasive, FDA-cleared microneedling treatment uses radiofrequency (RF) technology to eliminate facial wrinkles and tighten the face, neck, hands, and body.
  • CoolPeel - Our treatment from the amazing Tetra CO2 Device reveals healthier, younger-looking skin, reducing fine lines, sun damage, and pore size while improving skin texture.
  • Subnovii - Our state-of-the-art resurfacing device harnesses the power of plasma energy to address acne scars, lines around the mouth or neck, skin laxity, and more.
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What Can Skin Rejuvenation Treat?

Every patient is unique and will exhibit different combinations of genetic and environmental signs of aging that impact their skin. The following are some of the conditions that different skin rejuvenation approaches can address:

  • Static wrinkles - These wrinkles are visible at all times and do not change in appearance with facial movements
  • Dynamic wrinkles - These are expression lines that may appear as folds when the skin is not moving, and deepen with facial movements or expressions
  • Pigmentation - Freckles, sun spots, or other darkened patches of skin result mainly from sun exposure
  • Scars - As the result of acne or injury to the skin, scars may be rolling (a wavy appearance to the skin), pitted, discolored, or have raised borders
  • Vascular conditions - Blood vessels visible on the surface of the skin, vascular lesions that appear as tiny blood-filled blisters or even a constant flush of facial redness
  • Loss of skin tone - Weakening of the supportive skin structures (collagen and elastin fibers) that result in a loss of skin firmness or the development of cellulite
  • Dull skin - Skin that has lost the vibrant glow from a buildup of dead skin cells and clogged pores

Facial Rejuvenation Treatments in Erie, PA

At iAesthetic, we have treatment options that will help reduce the visible signs of aging. Our Facial Rejuvenation Options include CoolPeel, VirtueRF, and Subnovii. If you’re interested in turning back the hands of time with Facial Rejuvenation, request an appointment online using the form below or give us a call at (888) 889-5099 to feel and look better today. Let us help you experience more inner and outer beauty.

Services for Facial Rejuvenation

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